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Send The Light!


International Bible Society-Send the Light (Uganda) (IBS-STL UGANDA) operates as an Evangelical outlet for Christian literature distribution, Bible Translation, Outreach and Leadership Training, discipleship, evangelism and publishing.

IBS-STL is a registered charity in Uganda under the NGO registration statute of 1989 (s.5914/1219) and incorporated according to the Companies Act (CAP.85)section371(1) certificate number F.1016 and a registered member of the Evangelical Fellowship of Uganda (EFU), an umbrella evangelical movement of denominational churches, mission agencies and Christian NGO’s committed to discipling the nation strategically through collaborative action.

We believe that the generation of tomorrow can be a better one through a relentless pursuit of excellence in handling the infallible Word of God and making it available to change the Heart’s of today’s generation.

IBS Uganda is therefore committed to the great commission of making disciples of all Nations.
“…make disciples of all nations…”( Mathew 28:19,20)

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